"Music Doesn't Lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music" - Jimi Hendrix


Memphis Born, Been playin’ my horn. 

Started at the age of 10, the shit ain’t foreign. 


Learned how to perform from the very best, 

My cousins Margaret, Kenny, Keith, may he rest. 


Peace & Love, Angels & Doves 

I’m about to take to the stage, 

So please watch from above. 


Everywhere I go, 

I got my axe on my back. 

Folks catch me in the streets, 

And get a sax attack. 


Yes I play on the streets like the name suggests, 

But I got eyes on a bigger stage, a bigger test. 


If you like what you hear, If you like what you see, 

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Peace & Love, 

Chris Range

14th ST